Our Fabulous Maximalist Gem - Danielle Rollins

William Morris once said, “Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung.”

As Maximalists we love strands of jewels, all making one big towering statement.

Who doesn’t love the sight of one big, sparkling gem? A real show-stopper and head-turner that is our friend, Danielle Rollins.

Who can forget the sizzle around the one-and-only Elizabeth Taylor (a Maximalist through and through) tossing down her over-sized diamond earing in the classic commercial for her perfume “White Diamonds?” It’s that style, that bigger-than-life approach to something as mundane as placing a bet that catches our eye and steals our hearts here at Maximalist Candy.

Chic, talented, smart and willing to live life on her own terms; Danielle too is a Maximalist through and through.

Looking for inspiration to create a stylish home and life? Look no further than Danielle and her striking, bold and delicious Atlanta home. Carved from the remnants of a down-and-out property, the house was brought back to life by Danielle and her gift for stylish interiors. It is now the epicenter for her booming businesses, and the backdrop for her lively social calendar.

Need inspiration for entertaining? Danielle has this covered too. As author and style-force behind "Soirée, Entertaining with Style" her trendsetting book on glamorous entertaining. Invitations to her parties are coveted and the parties memorable. Danielle is at the vanguard of expressing personal style and great taste when inviting guests into your home. Keep a watchful eye out for her new book, rumored to published this year.

And, let’s not forget fashion as a big part of her burgeoning lifestyle brand. The capsule collection is a beautiful mix of inter-changeable pieces all beautifully constructed items she’s created seem meant to be lived in and loved in season after season. "I keep my eye on what's next in the world of fashion." according to Danielle."

This modern Maximalist is crushing it, and we for one are head over heels!