About Us

About Us
Maximalist Candy is the online destination for all things Maximalist, reflecting a new epoch of energy, color, and texture. This shift is a direct result of a democratization of luxury over the last decade. People are tapping into a new vision, style, and purpose as they turn the volume up on Mind, Body, and Spirit. To quote John Saint-Denis, "less is just less". 

Giving voice to this passion is the driving vision behind Maximalist Candy, led today by co-founder Timothy Scully. Maximalist Candy has emerged as the global platform, consortium, and coterie for Maximalist consumers, merchants, designers, and instrumental players in the arenas of arts, design, fashion, lifestyle, retail, and luxury travel verticals.

Before Maximalist Candy, there was Maximalist Life. While ahead of its time, this early iteration of Maximalist Candy was temporarily shelved by its originators, Timothy Scully and Hutton Wilkinson. Observing a recent cultural shift, Timothy returned to the theme of Maximalism, giving breath to Maximalist Candy and its pulsating new heartbeat.

Hutton Wilkinson, the ineluctable Father of Maximalism, played a vital role in the original ideations that shaped Maximalist Candy. John Saint-Denis labored tirelessly with Timothy on its early iteration, working diligently to populate the vision of a cohesive, consumer-friendly platform founded upon Maximalism off the ground. John and Hutton's contributions during those early days are gratefully acknowledged as is their continued support of Maximalist Candy.
Today, Maximalist Candy is a curated, online destination for all things Maximalist; a destination to shop, and to be inspired and entertained.

Timothy Scully, Founder & CEO 
Timothy, as founder, is responsible for the point of view unique to Maximalist Candy. Every collaboration -- across platforms including television, digital, direct-to-consumer, content, and social media -- is vital to the brand's multi-channel marketing campaigns and is a result of Tim's unwavering commitment to Maximalism. Timothy's focus is on relationships and the opportunities that ensure a seamless consumer experience throughout the Maximalist Candy. journey. This is the cornerstone of the brands' singular presence. His emphasis on life-cycle strategies from an omni-channel perspective (digital, print, inbound, phone, website) all converge to drive long-term consumer satisfaction and engagement. Timothy works tirelessly to spotlight the brand as the primary resource for those responding to the Maximalist cultural shift unfolding around us in increasing measure. 

"Maximalism is not just about spending more. It is about the juxtaposition of color and texture blended with scale and strategically merchandised to create a vision that includes products & influencers from the worlds of fashion, beauty and decorating," says Tim Scully

Alison Kondritz, President
As President of Maximalist Candy, Alison is a results-driven, hands-on leader with an established track record of significantly driving business performance in the realm of digital retail marketing.  In her subsequent role as Editor in Chief, she is a deeply experienced digital growth marketing executive who specializes in brand storytelling, customer engagement, and multi-channel commerce. Alison is a change agent with a talent for building customer-focused organizations and recruiting / developing / retaining “Best in Class” leaders. Her focus on financial margins within the retail sector helps her drive performance and ROI.  In addition to serving as President & Editor-in-Chief & Stylist at Maximalist Candy, Alison oversees product design & development from concept through production, as well as procuring relationships with a curated roster of vendors. She acts as a liaison between our Executive Team and the many designers, brands, stores, establishments, and VIPs that Maximalist Candy collaborates with.

"We're story tellers and speak to the reasons why both products and designers are unique. We're not interested in being another 1stdibs or some such website; rather, we are committed to being true partners for our peers and for our industry at large, with our finger firmly on the pulse of the most innovative trends in commerce. Our goal is to be the venue of choice for a waiting and listening audience." says Alison Kondritz.

John Saint-Denis, Chief Design Arbiter
Not only is John an ambassador of Maximalism, he's a trusted friend and passionate about design and curation. He brings style and elegance to everything he touches. A founding board member of the La Cienega Design Quarter, John also served on The Board The Avenues - Art, Fashion & Design District; he also sat on the board of The LACMA Decorative Arts and Design Council. John has launched and guided several of Los Angeles’ most successful shelter brands and flagship showrooms including Williams-Sonoma Home, Baker Furniture, Andrew Martin International.

Barry Monahan - Head of Digital Ideation
Barry Monahan has not only been part of the Maximalist Team since it was a concept but has also been a champion and evangelist of turning the volume up on how one lives. He has the most amazing family and is one of the most respected professionals and friends we've ever known. A brilliant designer and digital strategist, Barry embodies professionalism tempered by a quick wit. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. Barry is focused on ROI and digital ideation in his role with Maximalist Candy