Arts For Rural Texas


Our Editor and Stylist at Maximalist Candy, Alison -- along with her mother and father --are deeply invested in the 501(c)3 Arts For Rural Texas.

ARTS offers children free Art After School classes at various locations around a countywide-plus area of central east Texas. They offer Fine Art Assemblies like Houston Opera To Go to 11 school districts. In the summer there are week long art camps teaching every medium of the arts from watercolor to ceramics. Why the arts? Because studies show that art education not only teaches the "how to" of art itself, but teaches creativity, raises SAT scores, keeps kids in school; in short, art helps develop better, successful -- and yes -- also talented, citizens. ARTS is in its 15th year of making a difference in the lives of children, bringing the arts to children in a corner of rural Texas. Maximalist Candy is proud to support this venture. If you would like to join us in supporting ARTS by making a tax exempt donation to this charitable cause, please click on the link below!