Timothy Scully

On Art —
I have a real passion for art. I love experiential art. The kind where you are surrounded by it and you are in the center of the room and feel one with the art. Anri Sala with his haunting video art for instance. Abstract expressionism is an era of art I'm often drawn to as well as old portraits of fascinating people. The Leica Gallery in Los Angeles and of course my all time favorite the M+B Gallery. 
On Jewelry —
I love Jewelry, and how women wear jewelry and what they choose to make a statement. Personally I like chunky silver jewelry. I have a very big silver ring I love and a bracelet I bought when I turned 40 in NYC.  That's basically all you see on me. Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson are designers I look up too. Huttons taste level and sophistication is brilliant. He knows how to make women smile and everyone around him feel special. 
On Fashion —
You'll find me in typical Cape Cod attire. kaki pants with sockles loafers and a comfortable shirt with a solid blue sweater or blazer is my look. I love being comfortable however I love all things fashion. I'll go into Dolce & Cabbana in Beverly Hill and leave with something I think I look good in and everyone then seems me and says ... "Tim, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?" 
On Food —
I love a brilliant dining experience. Atmosphere is everything to me. I love the Tower Bar on Sunset Blvd. I love the walls and the lighting and always feel like a million when I'm there. The staff makes you feel special and even thought the food isn't the best it feels like you're eating the best. I also love Cecconis in West Hollywood and SoHo House. 
On Decor —
I gravitate to the eclectic, for me a home should feel like a home and a coffee table often will tell you more about your host than they will. I love comfort and rich colors and soft lighting. The kind of environment where when it rains you just want to hold an amazing cup of coffee or tea and listen to something inspiring.